Indulge in the beauty of our exquisitely handcrafted rugs, designed to grace your abode with timeless elegance for years to come. To ensure their longevity, we recommend treating any spills with utmost care, regular vacuuming, and rotating rugs in high traffic or sunlit areas. Our expertly curated tips and advice on rug care will further enhance their longevity. And should you require assistance, our professional rug cleaning services, complete with complimentary pickup and delivery, are always at your disposal.

Vacuuming Your Rug

To guarantee the longevity of your exquisite rug, it is imperative to indulge in regular vacuuming as shedding and loose fibers are inevitable with a new area rug. Our esteemed experts advise against the use of rotating or brush head vacuum cleaners on your precious rug. Despite your meticulous care and regular vacuuming, it is plausible for dirt and debris to accumulate within your luxurious area rug. However, fret not, for your rug can be revitalized with gentle treatment or the expertise of professional rug cleaning.

Treating Gradual Build Up of Dirt

Despite your diligent efforts in vacuuming and handling your rug with utmost care, it is not uncommon to discover the accumulation of dirt and debris. Fear not, for there exists a refined solution to revive your rug with a delicate treatment.

Dry Soiling

The presence of sand, grit, dust, clothing fibers, skin flakes, and hair are but a few examples of the dry particle soils that can mar the beauty of your exquisite rug. But do not worry. With regular vacuuming, most of these unsightly particles can be removed with ease. However, for those that stubbornly cling to the fibers, a thorough vacuuming is required to restore your rug to its original splendor.

We recommend that you perform this task 2-3 times each year, on a dry day when the humidity is low. It is important to note that natural fibers have a tendency to absorb moisture from the air, which can bind dry soils to your rug.

Begin by vacuuming the front of your rug, then turn it over and vacuum the reverse. As you do so, you may notice that some dirt loosens from the weave as the rug bends. Once you have completed this step, turn the rug over and vacuum the front once more.

To ensure even wear and minimize the natural fading that occurs from sunlight, we suggest that you rotate your rug end-to-end when repositioning. By following these simple steps, you can maintain the luxurious appearance of your rug for years to come.

Oil Based Soiling

The accumulation of oily soils can lead to a lackluster and dreary appearance of your precious rug, despite your diligent vacuuming efforts. The culprits behind this type of soiling are various, ranging from the effects of pollution and cooking fumes to the unsightly residue of road grime and the perspiration of weary feet. Alas, these stubborn stains are impervious to the cleansing powers of water alone.

A solution to this problem exists in the form of a gentle, WoolSafe approved treatment. Indulge your rug with the luxurious care it deserves and restore its former glory with this exquisite remedy.

Water Soluble Soiling

Certain soils, such as mud, salt, and sugary libations, are effortlessly soluble in water and require only a gentle touch of aqueous essence to liberate their particles from the plush fibers of your rug. To attend to these delicate matters, first, delicately vacuum to remove any dry particles. Then, with the utmost care, moisten the stain with lukewarm water and proceed with the appropriate treatment. Once the stain has been vanquished, allow it to dry completely before delicately vacuuming once more.

Rug Care

To ensure the longevity of your exquisite handmade rug, it is imperative to rotate them from end to end or relocate them to different areas of your opulent abode to distribute the wear evenly.

The sun’s rays and heat sources such as gas heaters and fireplaces can cause the natural fibers to wither and lose their luster. Therefore, it is essential to position your handmade rug away from such elements.

To eliminate bacteria and eradicate moth eggs naturally, bask your rug in the sun for an hour every few months. Before repositioning, vacuum the back of your rug to ensure its pristine condition.

Avoid storing your handmade rugs in dark and damp places, such as beneath furniture, as insect larvae feed on wool proteins, and adult moths lay their eggs in such environments.

Maintain the hardwood floors beneath your handmade rugs by cleaning them regularly with microfiber mops and water only. Detergents and soaps can leave sticky residues that attract dirt, which can then be transferred onto your rug. By keeping your floors immaculate, your rug will remain unblemished for longer.

To prevent fading on the carpet or wood floors underneath, move your rug a few centimeters every month. This will ensure that when the rug is eventually relocated, the fading on the floor will be subtle and inconspicuous.

Rug Protection Treatment

Indulge in the ultimate luxury for your precious rug with our optional rug protection treatment. This unique treatment can be applied at your home or premises after delivery, ensuring that your rug is safeguarded against the ravages of time. Our treatment is designed to increase the longevity of your rug, providing unparalleled protection against stains, mold, mildew, and sun fade.

Our Fiber ProTector treatment is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. It is an environmentally friendly treatment that can be used on all types of natural and synthetic fibers. Our treatment has been independently laboratory tested and is the only WoolSafe Enviroseal approved textile sealant. It is guaranteed to preserve the color and texture of your rug, ensuring that it remains as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on it.

Our Fiber ProTector treatment is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable. It has no lasting smell and does not give off any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our treatment is perfect for rugs in both residential and commercial settings, providing the ultimate protection for your treasured rug. Indulge in the ultimate protection for your rug with our Fiber ProTector treatment.