We offer our expert rug cleaning, repair, restoration and appraisal services to Michiana, Indiana, Chicago area and Michigan.

We offer our expert rug cleaning, repair, restoration, and appraisal services to Michiana, Indiana, the Chicago area, and Michigan.
Investing in a high-quality area rug signifies a commitment to enduring elegance that resonates across generations. With careful maintenance and thoughtful cleaning or restoration, your rug becomes a timeless symbol of sophistication within your space.

While an area rug has the power to unify a room, it also bears the brunt of heavy foot traffic, pet interactions, and accidental spills. The fibers of your rug are vulnerable to damage caused by dirt and soil buildup, necessitating more than just routine vacuuming.

At Rug Import, we understand the intricate needs of your cherished rugs. We recognize that professional washing is essential to preserve their vibrancy and value. Our meticulous rug cleaning services are tailored to address the unique demands of each rug under our care. We are dedicated to providing the finest treatment, ensuring every rug not only survives but thrives.

Our expertise extends to a wide range of rugs, regardless of their origin, type, size, shape, or material. Whether your rug is hand-knotted, hand-tufted, made of wool, or adorned with delicate silk fibers, our knowledgeable team excels in handling all varieties.

We take immense pride in meticulously cleaning your rug, ensuring it maintains its artistic beauty. Reach out to us today, and let Rug Import be the guardian of your rug’s timeless allure, allowing it to continue gracing your space with elegance and grace.

Our professional rug cleaning process includes:

● At our cleaning facility, your rug will undergo a thorough and personalized evaluation and inspection process. Our team will check in the area rug and conduct a meticulous examination to identify any potential issues such as discoloration, spots, stains, deodorizing requirements, water damage, urine decontamination, and/or mold.

● The rug undergoes a comprehensive dusting process on both sides to effectively remove any accumulated dirt, dust, debris, and soil from within its fibers.

● The rug is hand washed on both sides using a mild detergent until all the soap is removed.

● The fringes are then washed painstakingly by hand.

● We thoroughly rinse the area rug to ensure complete removal of the cleaning solution, and proceed to eliminate any excess water.

● The rug is then carefully hung to be air dried under a controlled climate.

● The rug is then brushed to evenly raise the pile. The fringes are then meticulously brushed separately.

● Subsequently, the rug undergoes a thorough inspection and vacuuming process prior to being made available for delivery or pick-up.

Contact Rug Import at (574) 257-2500 to schedule your rug cleaning services.  We’d also love to answer any questions you may have! Free pickup and delivery within 25 miles of our showroom.